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Alaska Region

BALDWIN FILTERS - Baldwin has been a major supplier of filters since 1936, supplying over 2500 types of filters for Automotive, Industrial, Marine, as well as, Dahl Separation and Recycling Systems.
CEMCO, INC. - A leader in the VSI crushing industry, produces Turbo Vertical Shaft Impact Crushers as a result of innovative product development and continuous crusher improvement.
DERRICK EQUIPMENT CO. - Derrick manufactures a full line of solids control equipment including Centrifuges, Desilters/Desanders, Mud Cleaners, Mud Agitators and Ultra-Screen Shakers.
FORUM SPD - Forum SPD offers a full line of products to accommodate a wide range of drilling situations: Mud Gate Valves, Drill Pipe Float Valves, and Fluid End Pump Parts, and Baker’s Double Disc (BDDC) Inline Flow Control Choke Valves. Baker is committed to continuous improvement and production of quality products for optimum performance and reliability.
JET-LUBE - Jet-Lube manufactures Valve Sealants, Valve Lubricants, Solvents/Cleaners, Pipe Coating, Tool Joint and Threading Compound, in addition to Sealant and Lubricant Fittings, and Injection Pumps.
MARTIN/DECKER -TOTCO - M/D TOTCO offers state-of-the art Instrumentation from Hydraulic Weight Indicators to Microprocessor-based Drilling Consoles.
PRESSURE CONTROL ENGINEERING - Coiled Tubing and Through Tubing, Hydraulic Actuated Running Servicing Tools and Completion Equipment, specializing in horizontal work and completion.
SPM FLOW CONTROL, INC. - Leading the way into the 21st century with flow control products and high pressure plunger pumps for cementing, injection and waste disposal.
TEXAS OIL TOOLS - Manufactures Coil Tubing BOPs and Wireline Lubricators and Equipment.
VARCO BJ OIL TOOLS - The Varco BJ Oil Tools line of Drill Pipe Handling Tools and Casing Handling Tools are the industry standards.
VARCO DRILLING SYSTEMS - Varco provided the industry with the first successful top drive designs. Continual improvement has produced two speed top drives and variable AC powered top drives.
ENVIRONMENTAL SERVICES - Quadco has pioneered ball mill technology and downhole waste disposal for the industry. Quadco has developed and operates drill mud dewatering systems statewide.
EQUIPMENT RENTAL - Quadco offers a variety of solids control and oil rig rental equipment to maximize drilling efficiency while minimizing costs to the operator.
VALVE SERVICING - Quadco is pioneering a preventive maintenance program for production valve servicing. This innovative system, backed up by computerized database management, is lowering maintenance costs and helping eliminate problem areas.


Rocky Mountain Region

ARRAY - Valves, Actuators, & Controls.
AUTOMATION EQUIPMENT – NEW/NEW SURPLUS/RE-MANUFACTURED - Rosemount, Foxboro, Fisher, Honeywell and Moore Products Process Controls and Level Indication.
BAIRD - Back Pressure Valves, Gauge Plug, & Probes.
BELGAS - A division of Marsh-BelloFram High Flow Regulators, Filter Regulators, Regulators, Gauges.
CLIMAX GREASE GUNS - Lubricants. Pneumatic and hand operated pumps.
DARCOVA MFG Seating Cups, Pressure Actuated Rings and Plungers.
DERRICK - The World Leader in Solids Control Technology. Complete line of fluid cleaning equipment. Shakers, Cleaners, Centrifuges, Degasser & Pyramid Screen Technology.
DHV VALVE PRODUCTS - Ball · Forged · Cast· Butterfly · API & Check Valves.
DRILLMAX MAXIMUM DRILLING TECHNOLOGY - Drill Pipe Float Valves, Relief Valves, Gate Valves.
FLOW CONTROL PRODUCTS - Pump Expendables, Swivel Joints, Relief Valves, Check Butterfly & Plug Valves, Unions, Manifolds, Safety Clamps, Pipe Vises.
FLOWSERVE - Control Valves, Plug Valves, Gate Valves, Check Valves, Pneumatic and Electric Actuators. Lubricators and Sealants.
HV MANUFACTURING - Sleeve Couplings.
ISLIP FLOW CONTROLS, INC. - Pipeline Y-Strainers, Butterfly Valves, Check Valves - wafer, screwed and flanged connections, silent wafer check for compressor and pulsation applications.
JET-LUBE SPECIALTY PRODUCTS & LUBRICANTS - Thread Compounds and Lubricants for Petroleum and Industrial Use.  Specialty Valve Lubricants & Sealants.
JVA SALES - Rubber Products & Rig Parts.

KENCO ENGINEERING - Chemical Gauging Equipment, Drums, Bulk Tanks, 55-Gallon Tanks.

KVC VALVES - Valves.
LARKIN PRODUCTS - Tubing & Casing Heads, Ball & Check Valves, Poly Transitions, Flow Tees, Stuffing Boxes, Clamps and Packing.
MARSH BELLOFRAM - BelGas Regulators, Marsh Pressure Gauges and Thermometers.
MERCER VALVE  ASME - Coded Relief Valves (Conventional & Pilot) for Air, Gas & Liquid Service. High Capacity Safety Relief Valves for Industrial Applications.
MUD GAUGES - 0-15,000# Cameron Type F, Type D. New & Rebuilt Exchange
NEW & REMANUFACTURED VALVE SALES - Gate, Globe, Check, and Ball Valves. Warranty Available.

NORRIS - Pony Rods, Pup Joints, Polished Rods.

ODESSA SEPARATOR - Slotted Strainer Nipples, Sand Screens, Tubing Screens & Strainers.
PRECISION PUMP - Down-Hole Pumps, Parts, Seating Nipples, Polish  Rods, Liners, and Tubing Drains.
QUADCO SOLIDS CONTROL SYSTEMS - Centrifuges · Linear Motion Shale Shakers · Mud Cleaners · Degassers · Gas Busters · Chokes · Closed Mud Systems · Dewatering Systems
QUADRANT VALVE - Ball Valves, Carbon Steel, Brass, Stainless Steel, Seal Welded Valves, Threaded & Flanged, Butterfly Valves, and  Actuators.
QUINCY COMPRESSOR - Reciprocating Compressors, Rotary Screw Compressors, Vacuum Pumps, Climate Control, Parts and Accessories, Integrated Components.
RADIUS - Valve Actuators & Accessories.
RUBBER PRODUCTS - Swab Cups, Oil Saver, Rod Wipers, Pipe Wipers, Stripper Rubbers, Brass, Tong Dies and Flag Material.
SATELLITE  - Automatic Driller Sales.
SAUNDERS  - Diaphragm Valves, Ultra-Pure Sanitary Design. 1/2" - 4", 316L Stainless Steel Construction, Clamp End, Butt Weld, Multi-Port Divert, Close Coupled Branch, "L" Pattern, Tee Pattern, Viking Point of use and Flush Bottom Valves, Pneumatic or Electric Actuation.
SMITH-COOPER - Fittings & Valves.
SPILLTECH "EMERGENCY" SPILL RESPONSE PRODUCTS - Matasorb Industrial Sorbent - Socks, Pads, Booms, Spill Kits · Containment Systems - Fixed Poly Booms · Oil Skimmer Systems · Products for Bio-Remediation of contaminated soil.
SST - Jiffy Pipe Repair Clamps & Inline Checks.
SURE SHOT - Deviation Recording Instruments.
TEXSTEAM - Pneumatic & Electric Chemical Pumps & Parts. 
THE SHUR-WEIGH by QUADCO - 2 or 4 Pad-Type Weight Indicator Systems
TULSA VALVE - Casing Ball Valves and Check Valves.
WAGNER - Drilling Instrumentation & Equipment.
XOMOX - Process valves. Pneumatic actuators. Severe service, sleeved and lined. Plug valves and ball valves.


Additional Information

  • For the past 20+ years Quadco has provided a wide range of equipment and services for the oil industry. Quadco has long been the leader in providing solids control equipment, pressure relief valves, instrumentation, top drives, pumps, and complete maintenance services.
  • These are some of the many quality time-tested products and services offered by Quadco to meet the industry needs. Quadco maintains a staff of trained technicians and parts inventory to ensure your job goes right.
  • Call the Quadco Inc. location in your area for information regarding your specific needs.